Deck Box, Metal, Espresso, 4'4" x 2'3" x 2'2"


The 4.4 x 2.3 x 2.2 ft. Spacemaker Deck Box is an attractive and versatile outdoor storage bench with roomy, and convenient storage. The Spacemaker Deck Box is a great steel storage box that's perfect for both indoor and outdoor. If you're looking for storage for the poolside or a container for your outdoor patio, you need to look no further. Need something sturdy that'll store patio accessories during any season? Or need some indoor storage for your living room? The Spacemaker Deck Box is the perfect storage solution. Assembled Exterior Dimensions: 4'4" x 2'3" x 2'2" Assembled Interior Dimensions: 4'3" x 2'1" x 2' Assembled Weight: 64 pounds Total Storage Space: 134 gallons (509 liters.

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