Hillman Group Stainless Lock Washers (3/8

Hillman Group Stainless Lock Washers (3/8" - 15 PC)

Hillman Group

Engineered to provide more uniform load distribution, stainless steel split lock washers are great for any indoor/outdoor project. Ideal for situations where potential loosening from corrosion or vibration is a concern, split lock washers are used to prevent nuts and bolts from coming loose. Also included in Hillman assortment #2224 / label #164.


  • IDEAL FOR SOFTER MATERIALS & SUBSTRATES: Commonly used in applications where two pieces of wood are being joined together
  • SPLIT DESIGN: Split ends grip the material surface to prevent loosening during vibration
  • BEST-IN-CLASS CORROSION PROTECTION: Stainless steel finish combines a polished look with superior protection against rust and corrosion
  • PART OF A COMPLETE FASTENING SOLUTION: Prevents a nut, bolt, or screw of the same finish and size from pulling through material
  • SAFE FOR TREATED LUMBER: These washers are approved for use in any project involving treated lumber
  • These stainless steel lock washers fit a 3/8" screw size
  • One (1) refill box per sellable unit
  • 15 pieces per retail package

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